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6 Tips you should know before starting a motorcycle repair business

The growth rate of motorcycles in Indonesia is the highest compared to other ASEAN countries (for more details, please read here). The opportunity for a motorcycle repair shop business is wide open if you plan to start it because the users of this vehicle mode are increasing every day. In this article, KlikTeknik will discuss more how-to, tips that you can do to start a motorcycle repair business.

Due to a large number of motorbike users, it is the best idea for those of you who want to open a business, namely a motorcycle repair business, because everyone who owns a motorbike vehicle must one day experience minor or heavy damage. but before starting your business, make sure you first determine your target market, for more information please visit the official website here 3 day master class

There are some tips or things that you need to understand before opening a motorcycle repair business, including:

1. Strategic location

Location is one of the determinants of whether a motorcycle repair shop business runs smoothly, so try to find a good location with a note that it can be easily reached by the community or consumers and people in the area have many motorbikes.

2. Market / Prospective customers

There are three types of motorcycle repair shops to find out the market / potential customers, namely official motorcycle repair shops, general motorcycle repair shops and tune-up motorcycle repair shops.

Official motorcycle repair shop. Official motorcycle repair shops, for further information, please contact the service center office of the desired brand such as Honda Dealers, Yamaha Dealers, Suzuki Dealers and Kawasaki Dealers. Usually, we will be asked for certain conditions depending on the company.

General motorcycle repair shop. General motorcycle repair shop business is a motorcycle repair business specifically for ordinary motorbike users, whose service providers generally include standard service, replacement of spare parts and minor repairs.

Tune up motorcycle repair shop. The tune-up motorcycle repair shop business is a motorcycle repair shop that specializes in modifying motorbikes to be non-standard, usually this depends on customer requests to change the speed / acceleration of the motorbike, has a narrower target market, for this market usually the position or location has no effect or strategic, because customers in this Tune-up motorcycle repair business are usually obtained through word of mouth promotion.

3. Competitors / Competition

The thing that needs to be considered when starting a motorcycle repair shop business is how many competitors have opened a motorcycle repair shop in the area that is called competitors or in other words the motorcycle repair shop that is already around the location where the investor plans to open a repair shop must under investigation. So as an investor, you must have a vision and mission to fight over customers with competitors when running the motorcycle repair shop.

4. SDM (Technician)

If we have noticed the things I mentioned about motorcycle repair business tips in the next first point, you have to determine a technician, in this case you have to maintain the quality of your repair shop technician, because in a motorcycle repair shop business one can determine the period. front of our motorcycle repair business are technicians.

5. Workshop Management

in a broad sense, it is determining customer service and comfort, the neatness of the workshop, the administration of the motorcycle repair shop business, and so on. This needs to be prepared, especially for workshop financial administration, which is about determining service fees to be charged for customers, estimated income targets, salary systems, and so on. So that the budget and investment targets / time of return capital can be taken into account as a whole in the motorcycle repair business that we are running.

6. Work equipment and supplies

This stage is the most frequently discussed and questioned, but in the previous KliTeknik post we described the tools needed to start your motorcycle repair business. Given that currently there are so many choices of types, brands and quality of motorcycle repair business equipment, for that I recommend that beginner investors who are going to enter the motorcycle repair shop business to choose basic / standard equipment first.

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