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The Confusion About Pets

Perhaps most importantly, although, a pet can add real joy and unconditional love to your life. Recently, anthrozoologist Dr Karen Hiestand, designed an experiment to check whether or not our pets really do care about us. She filmed pet homeowners pretending to be harm and observed the reactions of their canine and cats.

However, many landlords will include a clause restricting pets in the residential tenancy settlement (i.e. your lease), and there’s no particular ban on them doing so. The Tenants’ Union believes that such a restriction is a breach of your reasonable peace, comfort and privacy, however this has not been totally examined before a courtroom or the Tribunal. We are so proud, as a clinic, of the success we had keeping our staff and clients secure utilizing our curbside only protocol. Now with recent CDC guidelines and a completely vaccinated workers, we’re able to open the clinic to …