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Effective Ways to Make a CV Stand Out

While a good CV can sometimes be enough to land a job, especially a temporary one, it always helps to show yourself in your best light. The aim is to increase your chances of being called for an interview in order to land your dream job. There is not just one way to build a curriculum vitae.  It is a document that should reflect your personality, your assets and you career path. It can be structured and presented as you wish.

Choose the Right CV Type

When you make a cv, you have to determine which type of structure you want to adopt. Most of the time, a functional resume is more appropriate if you have held several unrelated positions. This presentation emphasizes your key skills, which can be grouped together by headings. Disadvantage of this type of CV is that the career progression and the nature of the positions may not be clear. Anyway, include IT skills, foreign language skills (without cheating) and the latest training or career development relevant to the position sought. This information can make all the difference and help you stand out from the other candidates.

Take Care of the CV Layout

Choose a classic black font and print your curriculum vitae using a laser printer on quality white or cream A4 paper. Decorative borders and photo are not required, though it can add an original touch to the document. If you decide to put those elements to your CV, make sure to remain relevant to the position sought. By the way, it is highly recommended to make a new resume for each job application. Ideally, your resume should not exceed two pages even if you have many work experiences. Always go straight to the point and forget about information that adds nothing to your profile by taking into account the required profile.

Write an Impeccable CV Content

Make sure the content is clear, structured, concise, and relevant. Using bullets instead of full sentences can help reduce word count. Check your CV carefully before sending. Make sure to detect any grammatical or spelling errors and to ensure its consistency. Ask other people you trust to completely proofread the document before you send it. Your CV is primarily used to sell your profile and a potential employer will base their questions on the information mentioned on it. Therefore, it should be clear and readable. Any career break must be explained. Avoid lies and inaccuracies at all costs.