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However, it’s not sufficient to have a closing-down sale and take down your sign; there are several legal steps that are additionally required. Here are the organisations in Jamaica that must be knowledgeable about your corporation closure: The first step in formally cancelling your enterprise is to tell the Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ). If your business was being operated underneath a name other than your given name, you must have initially registered that name with the COJ. Similarly, you have to submit documentation with the COJ to complete the closure of your small business.

If your company nonetheless has assets and liabilities, then it would must be liquidated. This is a more sophisticated process, as a liquidator should be appointed for each voluntary and collectors’ liquidation. Your legal professional can guide you through the necessities of this legal procedure.

If your corporation had gross sales of over $three millionJMD yearly, you should have been registered to collect GCT. If you had been filing monthly GCT returns, upon closure you have to file a final return and ship back the unique GCT certificate along with your fee. Once you have indicated that the business has closed, the TAAD will send an auditor to evaluate the business information. Many persons are not aware that failure to inform the tax authorities of the cessation of your business may be pricey. Once you’re nonetheless on the tax report, estimated assessments will proceed to be generated for your corporation, and late payment penalties applied.

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These documents should be submitted to the compliance department, the place an officer will determine when you have any excellent NHT returns before closing your account. The tax authorities should even be notified in regards to the closure of your business. You need to put in writing a letter to the Taxpayer Audit and Assessment Department (TAAD) advising them that you have closed your corporation.

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Estimated assessments may be reversed if the tax auditor is convinced in regards to the business closure date; and any disputes about excellent taxes could be lastly settled by the Taxpayer Appeals Department. Your business Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) also needs to be cancelled. Write a letter indicating the date of the business closure, which should be signed by the only real trader, one of the companions, or an organization director, depending on the type of business. Take this to the closest taxpayer registration centre, along with a valid photo identification of the signatory.

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