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Annual Income Statement Tesla (Tsla Nasdaq)

Everyone wants to bid on the running horse; no one puts their money on an unfit horse. This saying applies aptly in the olden times when people use to bet. However, in the current times, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that now the game is the stock market, and the horse is the companies, and the investor is the one bidding.

Like the above-mentioned example, in the stock market, every investor would research, think, and then decide where exactly to put his/her money. A good investment and get back your money and get your profits, whereas, with a bad investment decision, you lose both. The majority of the big investors search for the big fishes to get what they’re here for. Companies like Apple, Google, Tesla, PayPal do well in the stock exchange business.

Current situation of tsla nasdaq

As mentioned above, Tesla is one of the prominent players in the market. The company does fine and sometimes soars high. It performed exceptionally well during the time of march 23 to August 31. TSLA is now even be added to the S&P Market. Today, on October 2, 7:40 EDT, the company is at a high of 448.16 points with a premarket loss of 428.53 -19.63 –4.38. 

Comparison: 2018  versus 2019

Looking at the total revenue from the year 2018 and 2019, the levels have increased from 21.46 bn to 24.58 bn. The gross profit of the NASDAQ: TSLA at has also seen elevation to 4.07bn dollars from 4.04 bn dollars. If we dive into the details, TSLA has opted to cut its expenses, which is evident in the decrease in the marketing and administrative costs of 2.65 bn dollars now, which was earlier 2.83 bn dollars. Moreover, the same is the case with a decrease in research and developmental costs and net income attributable to shareholders of 114.09 million dollars. The operating income of the company has shifted from -388.07 million to -69.00 million dollars as of 2019. With a diluted EPS (Earnings per share) of -1.14 in 2018 to 0.97 in 2019, Tesla’s condition remains better than other automobile competitors such as Ford, Toyota, BMW in the stock exchange market well as organizations of other sectors as well.

Apart from the numbers, Tesla gains the interest of the investor through its name as well. People even tend to buy shares for the name of it. However, that is an unlikely scenario as the learned investors do their part only after much research and experience. The status of the stock market keeps changing, making it vulnerable and interesting at the same time. You can check more stock information at .

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.